The Do’s and Dont’s When Buying Make-up


Sometime’s buying the right make-up for you can be tricky. Sometime’s something will look amazing in the store but once you take it home you aren’t in love with it anymore. Luckily, I have a few tips that will make testing and then buying make-up a breeze.

DON’T trust the light in your bathroom! Sometimes after buying make-up from a boutique, the make-up you chose will look off. Your mirror is lying! Yellow or bright white light can alter how make-up looks on your skin. Boutique’s will provide the most accurate lighting for make-up(other than natural light from the sun).

DO match the shade of your make-up to the skin on your neck as well as your decolletage. The skin on your neck and decolletage is sometimes darker than the skin on your face. By matching your make-up to all areas, you will avoid multiple shades on your face, neck and decolletage.

DON’T go cheap! Cheap concealers can end up drying out your skin, giving a strange color and not covering up as much as you want it to. Instead of going out and buying lots of make-up that doesn’t work, just go with the expensive stuff and save yourself time and energy.

DO test many colors. There are always our “safe” colors whether it comes to lipstick or eye shadow. These are the browns or muted reds. Try something fun and interesting and you just might find the right color that will make you pop!

DON’T let the sale’s person talk you into anything! If you do not absolutely love the color, don’t waste your time and money buying it. It is better to continue looking for the perfect make-up than settling with something that is mediocre.

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