Essential Oils

Quite recently, we have brought essential oils into the spa. An essential oil is a substance created in a plant that can evaporate and can be mixed with oils and fats. These oils are 100% natural and extracted from plants. The oil does not contain any chemicals or unnatural ingredients. These oils can be incorporated into the body in a number of ways such as topically, added to water or smelled. Each oil does something different when ingested in the body.

The great thing about essential oils is that they are good to use in many situations. Essential oils are very popular to use during massage. The oil can be sprayed into the air to be smelled by the person receiving the massage, they can be rubbed onto the skin during the massage or some of the oil can be added to a damp wash cloth and then put over the body. All of these ways would created the desired effect by the oil. Essential oils can also be used on an ordinary day. If you are feeling stressed or feel a sickness coming on, using an essential oil can combat that feeling.

Here are some of the oils we have currently at Andros Medspa!

-Wild Orange: Apply topically or use aromatically to uplift mood. Apply topically to the face to reduce the signs of aging and target fine lines and wrinkles. Add to water for a refreshing drink or to help with digestion.

-Deep Blue: Helps reduce discomfort and soreness when applied topically. Helps relieve tension, discomfort and sore muscles. Great in combination with exercise to reduce soreness.

-Slim and Sassy: Add a few drops to water to help aid in digestion and promote healthy energy levels. Helps dissolve toxins in fat cells and aids the fat breakdown process. Free of stimulants, sugars, calories and side effects.

By adding these oils to water or applying them topically, you can get the desired effect you want from any of our oils! We have many more than the ones stated here so come by Andros Medspa and check them out!


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