Dermatude Meta Therapy uses a sterile .5mm 18 needle tip to penetrate the top layer of skin producing a two-fold effect.  First it perforates the basal layer of the epidermis which activates the skin’s natural healing response and increases collagen and elastin production.  It’s Flex Head technology guarantees an equal depth of penetration regardless of the irregular surface of the treatment area.  Because it doesn’t penetrate the dermis there is no risk for scar tissue formation as with other microneedling devices on the market.  Second, the use of highly concentrated serums during the treatment are able to reach the layer of skin where they can be the most beneficial.  By stimulating the circulation, the overall health of the tissue improves, and fine lines & wrinkles are visibly reduced.  Other benefits of Meta-Therapy include a reduction in pore size, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, acne & acne scarring. Post treatment, the skin may appear red, however most people are comfortable resuming daily activities & makeup is allowed the following day.

60 minutes | $300 
90 minutes | $325 | with Dermaplaning
Package of 6 | $1,000

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