Botox 101

There are several reasons why a doctor might recommend Botox to their patients. Botox is more
commonly known as being a cosmetic procedure, but Botox can have medical benefits as well. Botox is
used for getting rid of wrinkles, fixing a drooping brow, reducing migraine pain, etc. Whatever a patients
reason for getting Botox, they should be aware of how Botox works as well as the side effects and risks
that come with having it done.

How Botox Works:
Essentially, Botox helps to relax muscles so that they don’t move as much. This in turn will help with
wrinkles, any muscles fatigue or pain, any twitching muscles, etc. For example, to fix a drooping brow,
Botox will relax the muscle and even keep the muscle aloft. If you suffer from migraine pain, Botox will
help to stop major symptoms rather than stopping the actual migraine.

Risks and Side Effects:
There are well known common side effects that can come with Botox such as headache and facial pain,
and there are also uncommon side effects like eyelid drooping and muscle weakness. All of these
possible risks and/or side effects should be covered with the patient before getting the injection. The
best way to avoid these risks are by your physician knowing as much as they can about the issue you are
trying to fix.

Luckily for the clients of Andros Medspa, they have an amazing and experienced doctor ready to
administer injectables at any time. If you are interested in getting Botox, or want to know more
information on any of our injectables, please call us at 651-222- 3127 or stop by our spa!


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