How to Pick the Right Makeup For Your Skin Type

Deciding on the correct type of makeup for your skin is very important. The products and brands that you choose will be in contact with your skin all day long so you need to choose carefully. Choosing makeup that does not fit well with your skin type could irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Also, when you choose the wrong makeup for your skin type, it doesn’t look as good as when you find something that works great. CheatSheet lays out some guidelines when choosing the right makeup.

Know Your Skin Type

Everyone knows the basic four skin types—dry, oily, combination, and normal. All of these types of skin have different needs and react to things differently. It is very important to know your skin type not only to pick the right makeup, but also to choose the right cleanser and moisturizer.

It’s easy to make mistakes when we guess the type of skin we have.  We often focus on one main issue rather than looking at the overall big picture. If you are having issues figuring out your skin type, talk to a skin care professional. They will be able to figure out your skin type and offer options of makeup brands that work with your skin type.

Choose the Right Formula

The formula of your makeup is what it comes down to when looking for a foundation that is going to work best for your skin. Even if you have a brand that you love, it is important to keep an open mind and listen to what your skin needs.

If you have oily skin and are prone to breakouts you will need a liquid foundation. You will also need something that is only slightly moisturizing that won’t contribute to your oiliness.

If you are slightly oily or slightly dry, a powder foundation will be the best option for your skin.  A cream to powder combination will also work for you.

Picking Your Color

Picking the right color for your complexion is very important as well. We have all seen someone who has incorrectly matched their skin complexion and it is not a pretty sight. By color matching with the skin on your neck or chest, you will be able to find the right color for your foundation. The color that disappears will be the perfect color for your complexion.

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